Smyrna Personal Injury Attorneys

Were you injured by someone's negligent actions?

Accidents can happen any time, but what happens once they are over? Injury victims may have to pay extensive medical bills, take time off of work, and deal with insurance companies. All of this can leave a person feeling exhausted and anxious, with an injury claim being the last thing they want to think about.

If this describes you, you have come to the right place. At Jones & Swanson, we make it our goal to fight aggressively on behalf of those innocent victims of negligence. There are a number of accidents you may have been involved in, but be confident in knowing that our firm's knowledge can help you with any of them.

You may not even be sure whether or not you are entitled to a claim. Most people aren't. By getting in touch with a Smyrna injury lawyer at our firm, we can evaluate your case at absolutely no charge to you so that you can see exactly what you may be entitled to.

Why hire our personal injury law firm?

You may realize at this point that you would benefit from hiring an injury lawyer, but why our firm? One thing that distinguishes Jones & Swanson is our experience. Our collective experience nears half a century, which is skill that you can put your trust in.

Over the span of those years, the attorneys at our firm have been able to recover millions of dollars on behalf of our injured clients. Our firm has also been recognized by prestigious institutions for their excellence.

Some of those include the following:

  • The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100
  • AV Preeminent® Rating by Martindale Hubbell®
  • 10 Superb Avvo rating

These are simply a fraction of the recognitions we have received, but we don't take those honors lightly. We constantly work to maintain this level of excellence.

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Types of Claims

There are as many types of personal injury claims as there are types of accidents. This is why it is so important to obtain the help of an attorney who understands many different types of accidents and the legal ramifications for each one of them.

Grounds for a Personal Injury Claim

Not everyone who was injured in an accident can file a personal injury claim. In order to understand more about this area of the law, you must understand the grounds on which these claims can be filed. For a personal injury claim to be legitimate, there had to be negligence displayed by a party other than the plaintiff.

Rather than a direct and purposeful act of malice, negligence is more of a carelessness and a lack of the necessary care that it takes to avoid injury. If this describes your accident, you may be entitled to a claim. The only way you can find out exactly what you may be able to recover is to obtain professional legal help.

Contact Jones & Swanson today!

The last thing you may be worrying about is the price. After your accident, you are likely thinking that you don't have the money to afford an attorney. What if we told you that you wouldn't have to pay a dime for our services? That is exactly what you will get because of our contingency fee services. You do not pay unless we win for you. If you were injured in an accident and believe that you are entitled to a claim, we would love to hear from you. Our firm is ready and waiting to take on the cases of clients who have become victims of negligence so we can obtain compensation for them.