10 Things To Do After an Accident

For those who have been involved in an accident, you may remember what it feels like in the moments after. You may be in some pain and you likely have a thousand different thoughts reeling through your mind. It is difficult to focus and be rational during this time, but as much as it is possible, there are some things you would benefit from doing after you are involved in an accident. The attorneys at our firm have compiled a list of ten practical steps you can take after you are involved in an accident for your benefit. Those steps are listed below.

1. Contact Local Law Enforcement

Let's say you were just involved in a car accident. The first thing you want to do, if law enforcement has not showed up already, is to call your local law enforcement by dialing 911. They are trained to handle these types of situations and will know what to do and who to call after assessing your situation.

2. Contact Medical Personnel

Typically, this is something that the police dispatcher will do when you make an emergency 911 call. Be sure to mention the extent of the damages and the accident when calling 911. If you explain to the dispatcher that you or anyone else is injured, the necessary medical personnel will shortly arrive at the scene for attention.

3. Take Pictures

If you are able to do this after an accident, it could be of great benefit to you. Most people have a camera function on their phones. If you do not, it would benefit you to carry a camera with you at all times in the event that you are involved in an accident.

4. Take Pictures of Injuries

One thing that you want to be sure to take photographs of is your injuries and the injuries of anyone else involved in the accident. By doing so, you are creating valuable evidence that can be used to your benefit.

5. Take Pictures of Property Damage

The accident you were involved in may have included property damage. If this is the case, not only should you take pictures of your injuries, but take pictures of any and all other damages as well.

6. Get Contact Information from Witnesses

It is true in the case of many accidents that there are witnesses. If anyone was around at the time you were injured then be sure to obtain contact information from them. This may prove as valuable evidence if someone needs to testify in your defense.

7. Ask Witnesses to Stay until Help Arrives

Immediately following your accident, there is a period of time in which you will be waiting for help to arrive. Witnesses to your accident can not only provide help to you during this time, but police may wish to interview them as well.

8. Ask to be Taken to the Emergency Room

Regardless of how severe or slight your injuries may seem, you should be asked to be taken to the emergency room if that hasn't been suggested already. You may have sustained injuries that you are not aware of and evidence obtained from a medical examiner serves as strong evidence.

9. Physical Exam

When you are taken to the emergency room, doctors should complete a full physical examination to asses any injuries you may have sustained.

10. Diagnostic Evaluation

This type of medical examination can be more thorough and involves internal examination of injuries as well.

The Ultimate Step - Contacting a Smyrna Injury Lawyer

After all is said and done, you may have done everything that you should have done after an accident. All of this effort may not be used to its full potential though if you do not seek the help of an attorney. When you seek the help of a Smyrna personal injury attorney at our firm, we will be able to evaluate all of the evidence and then fight aggressively to see that you get the case results that you are looking for. We want you to know that you can trust our firm to care about the outcome of your case as much as you do. Take the next step and contact our firm today.

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