Case Results

$2,000,000 – Medical Malpractice

A woman underwent laparoscopic surgery to correct a narrowing of the passage in her stomach. The doctor negligently performed the surgery, causing the woman to become septic and die two weeks after the surgery. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that some of the medical equipment used during the surgery was defective. Settlements were obtained from all defendants.

$1,800,000 – Premises Liability in Lyerly, Georgia

A 35 year old man died after being electrocuted by exposed steel power cables while building an office inside the manufacturing plant of Smith Ironworks, Inc. The plant manager at Smith Ironworks neglected to tell our client about the exposed cables. He was electrocuted and died as a result. Because the company was aware of the exposed wires, they agreed to pay the client's family before going to trial.

$1,700,000 Verdict – Trucking Accident on I-575 in Canton, Georgia

A man was killed when an overhead sign fell onto his vehicle after an out-of-control truck hit the base of the sign. Through extensive investigation, it was proven that the truck lost control because a load of piping on the truck shifted due to improper loading. The trucking company and the pipe loading company were held responsible for the accident.

$1,500,000 – Trucking Accident on Interstate 285 in Atlanta

A 19 year old woman was a front seat passenger in a vehicle being driven by her boyfriend. He lost control of his vehicle and collided with another automobile. A truck driver was unable to avoid a collision with our victims’ vehicle as it spun out of control. She died as a result of the accident. After further investigation, Mr. Jones found that the truck driver was speeding and failed to check the adjustment levels of his brakes. Therefore, he was held responsible.

$1,225,000 – Auto Accident on Ridge Road in Paulding County

A woman was traveling with her son belted in the back seat of her car when another vehicle crossed the center line and collided head on with their vehicle. Both she and her son were severely injured as a result. Mr. Jones recovered significant financial compensation for the woman and her son.

$1,050,000 – Car Accident on Marietta Parkway

A 50 year old woman was traveling in Cobb County when the SUV behind her failed to stop and collided with the rear of her truck. As a result of the collision, Mr. Jones’ client was severely injured. She underwent a vast amount of medical treatment and was unable to work because of her injuries. By arguing that her quality of life would be affected indefinitely, Mr. Jones was able to recover a significant settlement for her suffering.

$1,000,000 – Trucking Accident in Gwinnett County

A 75 year old woman traveling on Interstate 85 lost control of her car after being tailgated and harassed by a tractor trailer. After several lane changes, she lost control and crossed the median, colliding head-on with another 18 wheeler. Though the harassing truck did not make contact with her car, a settlement was reached four days before the trial was to start.

$775,000 – Tractor Trailer Accident on Interstate 575 in Cherokee County

A 19 year old girl traveling on Towne Lake Parkway under rainy weather conditions was involved in an accident with multiple automobiles. A tractor trailer that was traveling too fast for these conditions then collided with her car, causing significant injuries that left her in intensive care for several weeks. Mr. Jones' firm was able to recover the appropriate compensation for her.

$678,500 – Auto Accident in Kennesaw, Georgia

A 47 year old man was stopped in traffic on I-575 near the Chastain Road exit when a heavy duty work truck struck him from behind, causing significant injuries. Because the driver of the truck was working and the company had a significant insurance policy, Mr. Jones’ firm was able to get our client the compensation he deserved.

$675,000 – Miscellaneous in Cherokee County

During an unauthorized baseball practice at a high school, the coach asked players to move some school lockers. While transporting the lockers without supervision, a player fell from the truck and suffered a fatal head injury. Mr. Jones’ firm found the school district liable and secured a settlement for the boy’s family.

$575,000 – Automobile Accident in Polk County

While traveling on Georgia Highway 6, a 59 year old woman was rear-ended by another driver who was traveling at a high rate of speed. She experienced a significant knee injury that resulted in two surgeries, ultimately resulting in a knee replacement. The injuries sustained will cause permanent restrictions. Mr. Jones’ firm was able to compensate our client for her injuries.

$498,500 – Auto Accident in Paulding County

An auto accident resulted in a 55 year old woman needing serious surgery. Though her insurance company first limited her to $100,000, after mediation she was able to recover $398,500 more.

$400,000 – Premises Liability in Atlanta

Our client fell and injured herself while walking on uneven pavement at the Fulton County Zoo. Mr. Jones determined that Zoo employees had knowledge of the unsafe condition of the payment and was able to secure a substantial settlement for her.

$375,000 – Auto Accident on Howell Mill Road

A 48 year old woman was riding in the car with her husband when another driver pulled out in front of them. She suffered significant injuries to her brachial plexis nerves. Mr. Jones’ firm hired an expert to prepare a life care plan for her and was able to recover the money needed for future medical needs.

$330,000 – Trucking Accident in Cleveland, Georgia

The driver of a tractor trailer flatbed blocked a two-lane highway for a full 60 seconds while trying to turn around. When our 35 year old client came around a curve on the highway, he struck the flatbed and suffered severe head trauma. Mr. Jones was able to prove negligence by the truck driver caused the wreck.

$300,000 – Car Accident in Euharlee, Georgia

While stopped in traffic on Euharlee Road, a 43 year old woman was read-ended by another driver. Immediately following the accident, our client began experiencing headaches and back and neck pain. Mr. Jones’ firm was able to obtain appropriate compensation for her medical bills through the at-fault driver’s medical payments coverage auto insurance plan.

$300,000 – Car Accident in Paulding County, Georgia

While traveling on Dallas Acworth Highway, an 18 year old woman's car was struck by another vehicle being operated by a man under the influence of drugs. She experienced significant injuries and will continue to have to pay for medical expenses for quite some time. Mr. Jones' firm was able to win compensation for her grief.

$250,000 – Automobile Accident on the Georgia Tech Campus

A man’s company was hired to work on the Georgia Institute of Technology’s campus in Atlanta. While he was being transported by a Georgia Tech vehicle driven by a school employee to the on-campus work site, the automobile was involved in an accident. He was left with significant injuries as a result of the accident. Mr. Jones was able to recover financial compensation for his injuries sustained on the job.

$225,000 – Auto Accident in Cobb County, Georgia

A 17 year old teenager was driving too fast in a residential neighborhood and lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle of a 33 year old man was t-boned by the out of control vehicle. He sustained severe and permanent neck and back injuries. Andrew W. Jones, P.C. had the experience necessary to compensate the man appropriately.

$225,000 – Auto Accident in Canton, Georgia

73 year old man's vehicle overturned as the result of a full-size pickup rear-ending him. After several days in the hospital, he incurred significant medical expenses. The experienced Marietta trucking attorneys at Andrew W. Jones, P.C. were able to negotiate a pre-litigation settlement to cover the client's expenses.

$185,000 – Auto Accident in Alpharetta

Our client was wearing a seatbelt in the backseat of an SUV traveling on Old Alabama Road. The SUV rolled over after being cut off by a drunk driver, causing a significant injury to her knee. After the case was mediated, the defendant agreed to pay.

$175,000 – Drunk Driving Auto Accident in Fulton County, Georgia

While driving on Cogburn Road, a 40 year old man was hit by a speeding car driven by an intoxicated woman. She crossed the center lane into oncoming traffic. The man experienced severe and permanent injuries. Andrew W. Jones P.C. was able to recover appropriate compensation for our client.

$175,000 – Premises Liability

A man stepped into a hole and fell while cutting grass in someone else’s yard. He was seriously injured as a result of the fall on their property with a significant knee injury and back pain that required surgery. Mr. Jones was able to compensate him appropriately for this slip and fall personal injury incident.

$122,500 – Automobile Accident in Paulding County

A 62 year old woman was stopped at a red light on Highway 92 when another vehicle collided with the rear of her car. The accident caused her neck and back injuries that resulted in permanent limitations. Mr. Jones’ firm was able to win compensation for our client’s injuries and expenses.

$100,000 – Dog Bite in Woodstock, Georgia

A seven year old boy and his brother were in their driveway when he was attacked and bitten by a neighbor's dog. The dog bite left him with a facial laceration from his upper lip into his left cheek. He will have to undergo continued treatment and will experience permanent scarring. Mr. Jones' firm was able to settle his claim and gain a substantial settlement for him.

$100,000 – Automobile Accident in Cobb County, Georgia

A man was traveling in the right straight lane of North Marietta Parkway and Interstate 75 when another driver turned left in front of him causing a serious collision. The other driver was cited for failure to yield to the right of way. Our client's vehicle was totaled, he experienced multiple neck and back injuries, and ultimately required a cervical spine fusion. He will have permanent limitations as a result as another's negligence. Andrew W. Jones, P.C. was successful in getting the insurance company to pay all of the coverage available for the accident.

$65,000 Verdict – Rear-End Car Accident in Kennesaw

A 46-year-old woman was the belted passenger in her son's vehicle traveling on Busbee Drive in Kennesaw when another driver failed to maintain a safe distance and collided with their vehicle. As a result of the rear-end accident, Mr. Jones' client suffered from neck, back and right shoulder pain. The case was taken to trial and a $65,000 verdict was won.

Confidential Settlement – Tire Failure/Rollover

An eleven year old girl was seriously injured when one of the Firestone tires on the vehicle she was riding in experienced a tread separation and failed. We sued Bridgestone/Firestone for the defects and secured a significant settlement for the girl to help compensate for her injuries.

Confidential Settlements – Sport Utility Rollovers

Mr. Jones’ firm has been active in pursuing cases involving rollovers of Ford Explorers. In each of these cases, occupants of Explorers either died or sustained severe injuries when the vehicle lost control and rolled over due to handling and stability defects. The firm has aggressively and successfully sued Ford on behalf of these victims and their families, obtaining considerable settlements for each of them.

Confidential Settlements – SUV Rollovers in Norcross and Roswell

Andrew Jones represented clients in two separate cases when they were seriously injured due to their Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUVs rolling over. The 25 year old and 52 year old women both received compensation for their injuries.

Confidential Settlement – Roof Crush in Rome, Georgia

A man was left a quadriplegic after his Honda Civic CRX rolled over crushing the roof onto his head. We proved that the roof’s design was defective and secured a substantial settlement for the client.

Confidential Settlement – Door Latches

A woman was a passenger in a Dodge Minivan when it was involved in an accident. Due to a defective lift gate latch, she was ejected from the back and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The settlement from Chrysler guaranteed 24/7 care for the remainder of her life.

Confidential Settlement – Door Latches

A passenger in a Chevy S-10 pickup truck that was struck by another vehicle was ejected due to a defective hinge on the door. The man was killed because the hinge allowed the door to come loose in the collision. Mr. Jones assisted in the representation of his wife and won a substantial amount to settle her claim.

Confidential Settlement – Miscellaneous

Mr. Jones’ firm successfully represented more than 20 individuals who contracted Hepatitis A from contaminated food at a Schlotzsky’s Deli. Mr. Jones’ recovered significant financial compensation for each client.

Confidential Settlement – Sport Utility Rollover in Gwinnett County

While riding as a passenger in a Bronco II on Holcomb Bridge Road, a boy sustained a severe head injury as the result of a rollover. We represented the boy's parents in the death of their son and won a significant settlement for them.

Confidential Settlements – Sport Utility Rollover

Mr. Jones' firm has represented the families of two people who were killed when the Isuzu Rodeo they were riding in rolled over. In both cases, Mr. Jones proved the rollovers were caused by the defective design of the Rodeo and each family received sizable settlements.

Confidential Settlement – Seatbelt/Airbag Defects in Fulton County

A woman was involved in a car accident near Georgia Highway 92 that left her quadriplegic. A thorough investigation discovered that her Kia Sephia contained a defective airbag and seatbelt. A full investigation was completed that confirmed the airbag and seatbelt were dangerous for drivers.

Confidential Settlement – Premises Liability in Atlanta, Georgia

A Federal Express pilot slipped and permanently injured his knee while walking into the lobby of the Atlanta Hilton Hotel. The tile floor had just been waxed and buffed by Crystal Building Services, who failed to set up the proper cones and alerts for slippery conditions. Mr. Jones' firm hired an industrial safety expert who testified on our client's behalf. The case was eventually settled at mediation.