Contacting an Attorney

The Importance of Obtaining Help Right Away

The instant you are involved in an accident that causes you injury, you will likely have a million thoughts running through your mind. One of the last things you may have thought about doing is obtaining the help of an attorney. Lawyers will always be there to help me, right? The truth is, while you are not required to speak with an attorney immediately after your accident, you have the best chance of getting the case results you deserve if you contact a firm quickly. Each state has a statute of limitations regarding the amount of time you have to file a claim after your accident occurs. The limitations will differ from state to state and they may differ depending on the type of accident.

Although you have a maximum amount of time, we encourage you to not put off hiring an attorney. The reason for this is that the longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to get the compensation that you rightfully deserve. In the time immediately following an accident, the incident is fresh in everyone's minds and the evidence is still current. This is the ideal time for your case to be handled. Many people unfortunately speak to their insurance adjusters who say that there is no need to hire a lawyer. What often happens though is that those people will get significantly less compensation.

Smyrna Personal Injury Lawyer - The Help You Need

When you get in touch with a Smyrna personal injury attorney from our firm, you will be getting the professional legal assistance of someone whose job it is to ensure that you are being treated fairly. While insurance companies have no incentive to ensure that you get the maximum compensation possible, an experienced litigation attorney will. After you are injured in an accident by the negligence of another, contact the lawyers at Jones & Swanson as soon as possible.

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