Bicycle Accidents

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Somewhat similar to motorcycle accidents, many bicycle accidents occur because drivers of vehicles do not notice the cyclist. Many people ride bicycles every day as a mode of transportation, for exercise or even just for fun. Although bicyclists do have to follow certain safety laws, they may become injured even while doing so. The most common way they get injured is because of negligent motorists. Bicycles are allowed to share the road with motorists unless there is a designated bike path available. Even though some roads have designated lanes for bicycles, drivers may cross over into these lanes, causing injury to the cyclists.

Another way in which bicycle accidents can occur is because of a dangerous road or path. When a city does not maintain sidewalks and roads properly, it may cause a person riding a bicycle to become injured. In these cases, the city should be held accountable for negligence. Another way a cyclist can become injured is because of faulty parts or equipment. A faulty helmet or a poorly manufactured bike chain can be the cause of serious injury. In these cases, the product manufacturer should be held accountable. Whatever happened to cause your bicycle accident, we would like to hear more about it.

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