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You have heard it said that dogs are man's best friend, but what happens when man's best friend turns on you? This happens in the case of dog attacks. You may have been bitten and seriously injured by a dog. In these cases, it is most common that the owner of the dog that attacked is liable for the injuries. In some cases, however, attorneys may try to shift some of the blame onto the attack victim by saying that they instigated the attack by provoking the dog somehow. If you have become the victim of a dog bite and you would like to file a claim, you need the help of a skilled attorney so that your compensation is not taken away because you were deemed partially at fault.

It may seem as if dog bites are expected, and nothing to file a claim over. The truth is, while you may not file a claim against your relatives because their Pekingese snapped at you at the last family dinner, there are plenty of circumstances where it is absolutely justified to file a dog attack claim. One common way that dog attacks happen is when owners do not keep their dogs on leashes. Per the leash law, there are many areas in which it is actually illegal to let your dog run loose, even under your supervision. Whatever the case may have been, your injury could have been severe. Let our firm know about your situation so that we can help you get compensated.

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If you are looking for a high quality attorney after you became the victim of a dog attack but you don't think you can afford a personal injury lawyer, think again. Jones & Swanson provides contingency fee payment plans. What this means is that you do not have to pay any cost up front. You do not pay a single penny until we make a recovery on your behalf. To find out more about how a Smyrna personal injury attorney at our firm can help you, call us today.

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