Smyrna Medical Malpractice Lawyer

What constitutes medical malpractice?

Medical malpractices cases are those in which a medical professional such as a doctor, surgeon, nurse or the like acts in such a negligent way so as to cause injury to their patients. Doctors have a high responsibility attached to their occupation. While in many other fields of work it may be unacceptable to make a mistake, not many other field workers' mistakes will have a direct effect on the health of another individual. It is for this reason that medical professionals can never be careless, but unfortunately sometimes they are. Listed below are some of the ways that medical professionals can be charged with medical malpractice.

Misdiagnosis: When a patient makes a visit to the doctor, the doctor is responsible for listening intently to all of the symptoms and then checking those symptoms by way of a physical examination. When doctors fail to accurately analyze a patient, they run the risk of misdiagnosing them. A misdiagnosis can be deadly because the correct treatment was not provided.

Failure to Diagnose: Sometimes, rather than making a wrong diagnosis, doctors will fail to make a diagnosis altogether. What this could mean is that a serious illness is going without treatment. Even though the doctor is not directly causing injury, their failure to diagnose is causing the illness to worsen.

Prescription Error: A misdiagnosis can lead to a doctor prescribing a patient the wrong medication. The inappropriate medicine can be a direct cause of further illness. Even the correct prescription given in the wrong amount or labeled by a pharmacist incorrectly can cause death.

Surgical Error: When a surgeon is operating, one mishap could mean serious injury and death to the patient. There have been many recorded cases in which surgeons removed the healthy organ and left the infected one, left surgical tools inside of the patient and made incisions in the wrong places.

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