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Negligent security is an issue of premises liability. These types of cases happen when a property owner or manager does not take the necessary steps to avoid the injury or victimization of another. Many accidents that happen every day could have been prevented if the proper security was given. Every property owner has the duty and responsibility to keep others safe out of harm's way. Unfortunately, many people do not take this responsibility seriously. There are many ways in which a property owner can become guilty of negligent security. If you were injured in an accident due to any of the factors below, you may have a case.

Negligent Store Security- If you work at a retail store, restaurant or other institution and you were put at risk because of a criminal, this may constitute a negligent security case. Those who own these properties are responsible for hiring the necessary security staff and equipping their building with locks and alarms to deter crime.

Landlord Liability- If you live on a property that is owned by another, but you become injured or involved in an incident that was caused because of the negligence of your landlord, you may be able to file a claim against them.

Negligent Hiring- Sometimes, individuals are injured when those hired to do certain jobs are under-qualified. This is especially true in the case of lifeguards who let individuals drown or become injured on their watch. If they were not properly trained, then their manager may be guilty of negligent hiring.

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