Nursing Home Abuse

Lawyer for Elder Abuse in Smyrna, GA

One of the most detestable and tragic forms of personal injury is nursing home abuse. What sometimes happens is that the elderly who live in nursing homes or are under some other form of caretaking are abused by their caretakers. The elderly cannot defend themselves. Many of them are extremely weak and some of them are completely incapacitated. Some people feel as if their weak status allows the opportunity to take advantage of them. There are many forms of elder abuse and one is just as tragic as the next. The elderly can be abused physically and emotionally, although these take on many different forms.

Physical abuse is a type of threatening or lashing out on behalf of the caretakers. If you notice visible signs of harm it may be cause for concern. Emotional abuse is harder to detect, but just as dangerous. Caretakers may repeatedly ignore the elderly or even verbally threaten or harass them. If you notice that your loved one is becoming increasingly withdrawn or depressed, it may be a sign of abuse. Undoubtedly the most extreme form of nursing home abuse is sexual abuse. This form of abuse is unacceptable, and if you notice signs of it you should contact authorities immediately.

A Trusted Personal Injury Attorney

If you contact authorities and they determine that your loved one indeed was the victim of nursing home abuse, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against the nursing home staff and even the company as a whole. When it comes time to do so, get the help of a Smyrna personal injury attorney at our firm. The rapport that Jones & Swanson has built among the community testifies to the fact that you can trust us to handle your case.

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